Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Red Pyramid, Rick Riordan

This is the first book in Kane Chronicles series. In true Riordan fashion, this story is told in the same way Percy Jackson is presented, wacky chapter titles that are explained as the story progresses. Dorky dialog that befits the "dad telling bedtime stories" sort of narrative. It's split narrative between Sadie and Carter who are brother and sister. And it's also presented as if it's been transcribed from a recording, so there are asides of "interruptions" from the other sibling who isn't currently narrating.

Ever since their mother died, the two kids have lived separately, Carter with his dad, an Egyptologist, who never gets to stay in one place. Always on the move, always on expiditions or museums, etc. And Sadie with her British maternal grandparents. Their dad was dark skinned, their mother fair with blue eyes. Carter takes after his dad, Sadie after her mom, so they don't look like siblings at all. When they find out that not only were their parents super interested in Egyptian history, culture and artifacts, but come from a deep blood line relation to Egyptian Pharoahs AND were magicians as well! And oh, by the way, the kids have magic in them too. It comes with the blood line.

So they are on a mission to finish what their parents started and rid the world of evil ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. Natrually.

While some don't like his style in this series and I do have to say that I'm less emotionally attached to Carter and Sadie as compared to Percy and Annabeth, I did find this an entertaining read. My 10 year old daughter LOVES it, and I love the fact that it piques her interest about othe cultures and their long held traditions, myths, and persons of worship. I know that everything might not be 100% factual in the books, but if it sparks curiosity, then she'll find facts if she wants to. Many of the Percy books led her to the non-fiction side of the library to learn more about ancient Greece, Rome and the deity they believed in. And to me, that's what good books are all about! Clean entertainment and a spark to ignite further learning.

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