Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cress. Marissa Meyer

The 3rd book in the Lunar Chronicles did not disappoint! This one had more action packed scenes than the last and even MORE came together as characters intertwine. Cress is a shell (meaning she does not have the Lunar gift of mind control) who was confiscated from her family at 4 days old per Queen Channery's infanticide laws. Only those babies were never actually killed that young....As Cress grew up in an underground compound with other shells, she discovered she had a knack for hacking. Head Thaumaturge Sybil Mira noticed this ability too and told Queen Lavana of this gift and how it could be used to their advantage. And so Cress found herself around 9 years of age or so shipped out to a remote satellite that would become her home. Completely cut off from everyone else in the galaxy, except for Sybil's trips out to replenish her basic supplies needed for survival and to collect a blood sample.

Cress spends her time scrambling the satellite signals from Lunar space craft so Earth cannot detect them, nor if/when they enter the atmosphere. She also monitors all the survellance of any Earthen interest by hacking into existing systems as well as well placed Lunar spy equipment. She is a hopeless romantic who dreams of being rescued. So when Cinder contacts her via the DCOMM chip that was in Emporer Kai's personal andriod, you know there's going to be an alliance.

So many unlikely escapes, certain complications, a death, a hostage, and the introduction of Queen Lavana's step daughter Winter, and an unlikely accomplice in Sybil's personal guard, Jacin Clay. I found it a completely enjoyable read! Can't wait for the next book!

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