Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fairest, Marissa Meyer

A novella from Lunar Chronicles. I found this availble on Overdrive Audio, so I listened to this one. It is the back story of Lavana. You get to see how she wasn't always so evil. But her sister Channery was absolutely HORRIBLE! It really gives some clout to nuture being stronger than nature sometimes because Cinder is Channery's daughter, and Cinder is NOTHING like Channery.

Now, Lavana had many things which hardened her heart, but it started with her being physically harmed by Channery (indirectly) leading to physical deformity. It was further fed by the fact that she was COMPLETELY delusional. That she was infatuated with a palace guard and mistook lust for love and used her powers of manipulation in order to get what she wanted....but never truly got it anyway.

In Cress, at the end there is a reference to Lavana and her 2 wedding Fairest, you get to know Levana from around age 14 to just before Cinder takes place, a little over 10 years later. It details the birth of Cinder; Princessl Selene; how Levana comes to marry and have a step-daughter, named Winter, one of her BIGGEST challenges (that of infertility), it details Channery's illness that led to her young death, the problems Luna faced and how they planned the whole letumosis debacle, the wolf army, and even the demand of a marriage alliance between Luna and Earth. It details the attack on the then 3 year old Princess Selene and the fire we know caused her the need to become cyborg in order to survive.

We also see how the life of Levana was completely devoid of love from anyone-family or otherwise. And it is love she craves above all else. It is the one thing that evades her in every circumstance and she keeps chasing the dream but using methods that almost ensure that she will NEVER be truly loved. Channery once told her that "Love" was a "conquest" and a "war" and held no romantic notions.

It's amazing how obvious horrible outcomes can be seen in settings like these to people who were never loved or don't know what real love is. And it's a reminder in real life to be kind and show love and compassion where we can because we don't know who isn't being exposed to that vital emotion anywhere else.

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