Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You'll Lose the Baby Weight (and OTHER LIES about pregnancy and childbirth) Dawn Meehan

My friend found this book at a dollar store. Let me tell you, that was one dollar worth spending! I could NOT stop laughing. It's not a medical guide or anything, but a humorous approach to everything pleasant and not about being pregnant and giving birth. Tongue in cheek, first thoughts crossed out in a *coughAHEMcough* style with snarky comments make this one of the funniest books EVER. Even my husband laughed at her rendition of a Pap Smear test. "If you want to lighten the mood while your doctor is performing this exam, as her stuff like. 'I lost my car keys yesterday. Can you see if they're in there?' Or maybe 'Hey, could you show that Q-tip up any farther? Are you trying to clean out my ears with that thing?' Or, it's always fun to throw them off with crazy, obscure small talk like 'So, if you had a pet hippo, what would you name him?' Or 'How many candy canes do you think you could fit in your mouth at once?' Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to get through these awkward exams, right?"

This is so funny-but also talks about things that no one ever told me about pregnancy/childbirth and after childbirth, in a humorous approach. I thought this book was so great that I'm seriously thinking about hitting up that dollar store for several copies to give to friends-especially those who are pregnant for the first time. Just to lighten up the mood from all the information you feel the need to absorb. Read it.