Monday, June 3, 2013

Sophia's War, Avi

My daughter and I  read this awhile ago, but I couldn't find a blog post for it! So I thought I'd do that now. This was an EXCELLENT introduction to the genre of Historical Fiction for my daughter. And it helped me to remember my rusty Revolutionary War time period facts. Every single person in this book with exception of Sophia and her family are true historical characters. There is a guide at the back of the book as well as a glossary of period terms, if I'm remembering correctly.

Sophia is around 12 when the story opens, being a fierce Patriot in British occupied territory where she has to be quiet about her true beliefs. She witnesses the hanging of a patriot soldier that becomes a defining moment in her life. Her parents are forced to take in a British soldier as a boarder too.

She is enlisted to be a spy via becoming a housekeeper at the British head quarters when she is 15. And it is there she learns of Benedict Arnold's plan for treason. What will she do with this information? Is the statement that all's fair in love and war something that you agree with? Is it right? Does Sophia make the right choices? That is for you, dear reader to decide.

I thoroughly enjoyed this compelling tale and revisiting early American history. The chapters are short and quick which make for idea read aloud-even taking turns with your child per chapter, since none of them go too long. This is even something that I would recommend for my book club to read.

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