Monday, June 3, 2013

Possession, Elana Johnson

My library has a statue of Dobby from Harry Potter in the teen section. My 2 year old likes to go "visit" him. One day after her little visit to Dobby while I'm checking out at the self check out, she comes back with this book and says "I have a book for you, mommy!" So I check it out. Because you don't argue with a 2 year old in the library. Turns out this book was pretty good! Mind control is the big thing in this dystopian society. You get an implant in your ear where things are streamed in to "help" you make your choices. I can't remember right now, but you are pretty young when this is given to you. You plug in every night and the brain washing comes tailor made just for your. Some people have gifts, and can resist. But not many. Vi is one of them and she's a rule breaker. And there are so many rules you can break. Unfortunately there is a love triangle *sigh* but it was intriguing and I definitely want to read more. Evidently there is a #0.5, 1, 1.5 etc.

It wasn't the best one (which you know now that my favorite one right now is Divergent pending on how it wraps up) ever written and there's plenty to criticize, but perhaps that's why a prequel was written, to answer some questions that were just left out there.

But for a random book that my 2 year old pulled off a shelf? Not bad. She's pulled off some great ones for her older sister too. Must be a gift :-)

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