Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Unbound, Neal Shushterman

Ahhh! Another "Unwind" book! Well, this is a collection of short stories about other kids and people in the post "Undivided" world. And it was incredible writing as always, some of it-with the parts Pirates, the Dah Zey are sickening. Others, like with Haden and Grace enlightening. You hear theories about Connor and Risa, but they are never direct narrators. But there is a CLIFFHANGER at the end with the other parts pirate, Divan (the one Argent Skinner has been valet for). GAH. That means that there is MORE to these stories that will come.....who knows when?

But the MOST exciting thing is that in the forward or whatever of this book, there is mention that UNWIND is going to be turned into a MOVIE!!! I am thrilled, because there are some things that this series brings up that I think NEED to be talked about, and a movie will make more people aware and hopefully get more people reading the books which is where I believe the meat and bones of the issues are.

Back when Planned Parenthood was under attack about leaked videos, what bothered me was not whether or not Planned Parenthood was guilty of the crimes for which they were accused, but that the conversation was happening AT ALL. That people were casually discussing whether or not the SALE OF HUMAN PARTS (no matter how small) IS OK. What the what??? Of course, I immediately felt like I was living the the prequel to these books. I am hoping that whenever the movie comes out that society isn't too far. That it will help people to see where lines that shouldn't be crossed more clearly. I hope that it will be an eye opener and make everyone skeptical of ALL information. That the government could easily be pushing their own agendas on us while making us think its our own ideas to begin with and they are just magnanimously giving us what we've been asking for. I hope it makes people realize that governments can easily play both sides and be behind EVERY side of EVERY argument and when we've been too blind to see that happening, that nobody is going to win. I hope it makes people think, and then think again, and be more awake and not so social network buzzed to see a problem when it stares them in the face.

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