Saturday, June 6, 2015

UnEnchanted, Chanda Hahn

This is my "first book in a series" that I got because it came up on BookBub as a free book the other day. Super quick read, entertaining, and an intriguing premise.

So the idea is that Mina Grime (really Grimm) is a descendant of the Grimm Brothers. They got involved with some of the Fae (fairy creatures) as they collected fairy tales. They are cursed to complete, or live through, ALL of the tales in order to defeat them and send Fae people back to their own realm and leave humans alone forever. If they were unsuccessful, their descendants would be chosen in their stead. It's never passed to a female descendant before. The last person, Mina's father, died in the quest to complete the tales. I have no idea how many books are in this series, but it could be fairly unlimited as there are over 200 tales.

It wasn't the most sophisticated writing I've read, and there were times when I thought something was over done, but now I'm wondering if it was over done on purpose because of the spell/curse that was at work? One thing I did like was how the fairy tales that Mina has to re-live are modernized and morphed into things that resemble the here and now. Because she's forced to see things differently, I can imagine that readers of these books will hopefully learn to look at situations with several angles of perception. That does a lot of good for anyone to see things through another's eyes or even just look for another solution to a problem.

I'll probably pick up more of the series every once in awhile when I need something quick and easy to read.

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