Friday, June 5, 2015

Reader's ADD....the Adult Summer Reading Program

I am SO scattered with my reading right now! I want to read one at a time, but I always want to fill in my Adult Summer Reading Program Bingo Card! I know I can sub 1 hour of reading for ANY of the squares, but I view the squares as a challenge! Read a new genre! (Wait, is there a genre I HAVEN'T read? Contacted my editor friend, Wuxia it is! It's Chinese Martial Arts...other than that I've pretty much dappled in EVERY other genre).

So I'm in the middle (or end) of several series (The Selection, Unwind, The Testing-I'm on the last one right now). I need to read the first book in a series. So I downloaded a freebie on my Kindle (UnEnchanted), it's short-only 24 chapters, 200 some odd kindle pages. Not 1,000% impressive yet, but it will fill in a square! But Cinder (my original choice for a book 1) just got to the library (I thought it'd be on hold longer). Read a book published in the year you were born (Thank you Goodreads for your suggestions of popular books published in any given year!) I picked one written about Nikola Tesla (because my husband is obsessed with the new Tesla vehicles and while I am NOT a car person, when I test drove that car, I had FUN!). It's a bit longer than I'd anticipated, but I can do it! Download and listen to an audio book (Ella Enchanted, although I'm only in part 2 of 5, it still counts, it didn't say to FINISH the book, right? Plus I've read hours of other books to more than satisfy it, and I DID do what it said....), Read a "classic" by anyone's standards. I'm reading A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (well, re-reading for me, I read it in high school for a book report) out loud with my older daughter (even though she complains the language is hard to understand, not the King Arthur court language, but Mark Twain and that style of writing). I'm wondering if I can have one book count for two squares because another one says to read a book set in the past, and the Twain book would do that, most of my other books are futuristic, post apocolyptic, dystopian. I JUST finished The Widow of Larkspur Inn set in the 1800s, but I'm not sure I should count that because technically I read it BEFORE the summer reading program started.....I have never been in the middle of SO many books at one time! I knew I had literary ADD, and I put things on hold and think that they'll come in at a nice steady one at a time pace, but that's NEVER how it goes, is it? It's always feast or famine. Ah...and I'm trying to finish it all before I move. Yeah. We have to move. Again. After we were so CERTAIN we wouldn't have to anymore. But we're going back to Boise. So I want to collect on my prizes here and then go to Boise and get THEIR summer reading program and collect prizes from them too! It's the little things. Hopefully I can keep up on here as well!

Happy Summer Reading!

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