Monday, May 6, 2013

The Lucky One, Nicholas Sparks

Despite popularity, I have never read a Nicholas Sparks novel. Until this came up for book club. I have only seen the movie of The Notebook, but never read the book. I'm saving that for when I want a really good cry.

Anyhow, The Lucky One.

Most people know the gist; Logan is a former Marine, 3 tours to Iraq, finds this picture of a girl who his friend insists is a lucky charm of sorts which keeps him alive and safe during his deployment. After he gets back he eventually walks from Colorado to Hamton-a tiny town where everyone knows everyone's business in search of the woman in the picture who happens to be Beth. What he expects to find her is as good as anyone's guess. Split narrative between Beth, Keith Clayton and Logan Thibolt gives you that great sense of knowing what everyone is thinking, but the insanity of the other characters NOT knowing what the others are thinking.

This book explores several relationships and choices. Unplanned pregnancy, marriage, divorce, perseverance as a single mom, dealing with wealthy influential families-especially in a small community, soldiers and what they deal with during and after deployment, relationships after divorce, children having to spend time with divorced parents, parents accepting their children for who they are, not who the parents think they should be, man and dog even- it's all in there.

It also shows that 'honesty is the best policy'. BUT, if for some reason honesty has NOT been the FULL policy, it also shows about the role of forgiveness when people make mistakes, because they do and they will-we're only human. Letting someone have a chance to explain themselves before coming to a full conclusion is usually a good thing; especially if it was someone you've trusted in the past.

The book's climax is towards the very end, and oddly enough there is a spring storm going on right as I was reading the last few chapters-during a flooding rainstorm in the book. That made it extra intense! Definitely a good read!

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