Monday, May 6, 2013

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, Rick Roirdan

Book #2 in the Percy Jackson series. I first was introduced to Percy Jackson when I was finally able-as the teacher of multiple grade levels-to chaperone a field trip for the 7th grade. To one of the local cheap movie theaters. It was walking distance away, but one of the kids had a broken leg, so I got to drive. Anyhow, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief was the PG rated movie at the time that would appeal to middle schoolers. I really enjoyed the film and revisiting all of the Greek Mythology that I learned in my English classes 8th grade through high school. As with all film adaptations, I subsequently heard about the horrible job that was done. So about a year later, I stumbled onto the book and decided to read it aloud to my older daughter, then 6/7 at the time. It was a little intense for her; as in this was NOT a bed time story book, but a daytime story book. But I found out why people were so upset at the movie. They really didn't HAVE to change what they did, STUPID!

I bring this up because when I went to search for an image of the second book, I found that they are releasing a movie adaptation of this one sometime this year. And judging from the trailers, yes, some BIG changes were made. That's usually not a good sign if you can tell that from the trailer. I guess it's one of those that you have to go into knowing you'll be enjoying it for pure entertainment and NOT for following the story line exactly. In other words, it's no Hunger Games or Harry Potter, Secret Life of Bees or The Help.

That being said, this book includes more than just Greek Mythology and battling the bad guys and monsters to get something in the end. My favorite part was about a new character, Tyson. Who is quite different from all the other kids at school-a homeless kid who got a scholarship to attend the same school as Percy and becomes Percy's friend. It's about acceptance of someone different. Later on, Tyson's relationship status *SPOILER********************************************************************************************************************************************************** we find is half brother to Percy*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************And many people in both of Percy's world don't take too kindly to Tyson, but despite is conflicting feelings towards Tyson, Percy still sticks with him and gives him the benefit of the doubt. It also shows how sometimes nurture CAN overcome the nature of someone. But I really liked that. We all know kids who pick on others and who are picked on. If we were all to show a little more kindness and patience to those being picked on-even if it means we don't have any other friends-I think we'd all be better off for it. And that was my favorite part about this book.

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