Friday, July 20, 2012

The House at Riverton, Kate Morton

Love, intrigue, scandal, generational-all the traits of Kate Morton's great writing. Told by one person's point of view, Grace, it is told in flashbacks as Grace is in her 90s at the beginning.

Some of it was predictable, which made it maddening that Grace didn't put two and two together nearly as fast as I did, but there was also some that was completely unpredictable.

This is a tragic love story, although there are parts that are happy. It really made me think about how things were at the turn of the century, during the first World War and how much has changed in the ideals of society since then. How ancestry is less important now than it used to be-at least to the common masses. TV series such as The Gilmore Girls suggests that in New England, such breeding is still held in great regard and a family name can be everything and thus, when considering who to marry or associate with, you must consider your good name and his/hers. But I don't know much about that first hand, having never been further east than St. Louis, MO. Thoroughly enjoyable. I am growing to love Kate Morton, although I still have to say that Eliza of "The Forgotten Garden" still is my favorite character of hers yet, Grace has a spot in my heart.

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