Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Because of Winn Dixie, Kate DiCamillo

I listened to this as an audio book because it happened to be available when I wanted something to listen to while doing chores :-)

I really enjoyed this! The narrator used a thick southern accent (but not so thick that you couldn't understand) and have enough variations in the voices that you knew who was who.

This is a great story of learning how to deal with sorrow, grief (even if it's delayed), starting over, moving, making new friends, not judging others too quickly or too harshly, to give other people a chance, and how animals-especially dogs-are capable of bringing people together in a way people just can't do it on their own. I liked how satisfying the ending was, even though not everything was quintessentially "happy", it had closure for those parts and plenty of happiness and hope for continued happiness.

Now I really want a dog! I don't think I can fit this into any of my 2016 reading challenge books, but it's ok, it was definitely good and I'd definitely recommend it to my daughter (almost 11yrs now) to read. And I think I'll get the movie adaptation from the library to watch as well.

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