Monday, March 24, 2014

The House of Hades, Rick Riordan

Book 4......

I am starting to like the split narrative thing a lot-getting everyone's perspective. This was a great read. Things I liked:

You don't have to give in to you were, you can choose a new course of life.

Friends are usually what gets you through hard times.

A little understanding goes a long way.

Pride is a fatal flaw for most of Riordan's immortals. Exploit this, and you can win.

Miracles can happen.

Something that I'm interested to see play out is the reveal of a God who admitted to falling in love with a man. And even further, the reveal of a character to have same-gender attraction. I'm anxious to see how it plays out. Personally, in my belief system, there is nothing inherently wrong with a person if they feel that way, but in my belief system, acting on those feelings is considered immoral. Book 5 comes out this fall, so we'll see how things play out!

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