Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Mark of Athena, Rick Riordan

Book 3

Again, a nice fun team work story. I love how much more the Roman/Greek divide is dissolving among the 7 questers. I have high hopes for the divide to dissolve on a much larger scale once Gaea is defeated. Because let's face it, Rick Riordan finds a way for his heroes to succeed. Even when they probably shouldn't, they do. Classic!

I especially liked learning more of Hazel's past history, more into Leo's identity, and getting inside Annabeth's head more. From Percy's perspective, she's always been super confident and sure of herself with solutions to anything given enough time to figure it out. But as always, what we show to people is not usually what's going on inside. Annabeth had a LOT more self doubt that I would have suspected. But it makes total sense. I once got a teacher of the year nomination essay that mentioned that I was always happy and cheerful. I read that and though, "I am? I don't FEEL like I'm happy all the time, but if that's what the students are seeing, I'm at least portraying it right!" And to have the revelation that she feels like all of her comrades have special powers (Jason-controlling air, lighting, Percy-water, Hazel-the ground, Frank-shape shifting, Leo-generating fire, Piper-charmspeak) and she has nothing special. Her talent for having wisdom and knowing how to find and exploit the weaknesses of her enemies is quite impressive to me. But then, everyone else's strong points are impressive to me, usually because their STRONG points are my WEAK points. Which is why we can't compare ourselves to others and be confident in our own abilities, just like Annabeth does. She decides that she KNOWS her strength and to USE it to the best of her ability. And that's my favorite lesson out of this particular book :-)

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